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Superior Grinding & Swiss Machining

There are so many reasons why you should bring your precision grinding and Swiss screw machining work to Superior Grinding and Swiss Machining, one our Swiss machines have front and rear ejection capabilities, along with 5 axes, and this means for example we can do part threading on both sides simultaneously.” Wendie, said” we do not want to compete with our many Machine Shops we want to offer them a better solution to these types of jobs. With our Swiss Machining capabilities, we can cut up to 1.250 diameters.”  Wendie added, “We are reducing the steps in outsourcing for our customers with our Swiss Machining capabilities. We can buy the material, grind it, machine it, and send it to heat treat, and then finish OD or centerless grind the part.” She added, “Our Swiss Screw Machine capabilities will allow us to cut costs on many parts that need to be machined and ground.”

Built its business initially in Industrial Blade and Knife Grinding along with sales of replacement knives. They continue to provide these customers with  outstanding services and stocking many types of replacement knives and parts for the bindery, metal and wood industries.

Wendie Flitton and one other employee opened the business in 1990, in a 1000 square foot facility. 

Superior Grinding & Sales, Inc. is committed to Quality and continual improvement in all areas of the company.  Management works as a team to ensure that every employee is committed to the company’s Objectives for quality and customer satisfaction.
Our Goal for Quality is to maintain and improve our service and processes, in order to meet customer needs and expectations.  Customer Satisfaction is the company’s main priority.  We want to be our customer’s preferred supplier. 
To Listen to our customers’ needs and communicate to make sure we understand what they are asking of us and that we can meet those needs, to provide accurate and complete documentation.
Our Goal is to be successful and profitable by utilizing continuous internal process improvement. It is essential to our Business Success that all Customers, Employees and Suppliers are treated with respect and integrity. We will strive to continually offer employees with as much training as we possibly can afford each year to maintain our quality and integrity.  We want to provide a Culture that motivates and provides a high level of job satisfaction and pride in quality and workmanship. 

Superior Grinding & Sales, Inc. Management